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Welcome to the online #NABJNAHJ22 attendee registration.


Review the rates and deadlines below before proceeding to the instructions for this year’s two-step convention registration process

Uploading your vaccination information at the link below is required before registering. Please read all policies and disclaimers.

Attendee Registration Early-Bird
By April 29, 2022
By July 1, 2022
After July 1, 2022
(Online or Onsite)
Professional Member $275 $380 $450
Student Member $100 $200 $250
Non-Member $500 $550 $600
Non-Member Student $125 $225 $275
Spouse/Guest $295 $295 $550
Daily Registrant - Member $295 $295 $295
Daily Registrant - Non-Member $350 $350 $350
*Additional NABJ/NAHJ special event tickets and rates will be available for your review and consideration upon entering the registration portal.

  • VACCINE VERIFICATION IS MANDATED: You agree to provide proof of vaccinations, including boosters, which are required.
  • BEFORE REGISTRATION is approved and before badges for the convention are issued in Las Vegas.
  • MEDICAL EXEMPTION REQUIRES PROOF: If you want to register and have medical or other exemptions from getting vaccinations and boosters, please submit your request HERE. You will need to provide proof of such an exemption prior to registration. NABJ and NAHJ will have their own requirements for exemptions in addition to local, state and federal legal guidelines in honoring such exemptions. You may also contact Veronique Dodson at vdodson@nabj.org for more questions about uploading exemption information.
  • NO VACCINE VERIFICATION/NO ENTRY/NO EXCEPTIONS: You understand that you will not be allowed entry to any event even if you have paid registration, and traveled to the convention without such proof of vaccinations and without wearing masks as guided by the CDC. No refunds will be given to those who show up without prior proof of vaccinations and boosters.
  • YOUR SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: NABJ/NAHJ WILL FOLLOW current CDC, federal, state and local guidelines, recommendations, policies, and mandates regarding COVID-related protocols at the time of the convention.
  • NABJ and NAHJ may require additional protocols for entry to NABJ and NAHJ events. Registrants agree to abide by those requirements in place at the time. Registrants who do not comply with those protocols will be asked to leave or escorted from the events and will not receive refunds.


  • Registration confirmations will be emailed to the email used to register.
  • Pre-registration ends July 1, 2022. After this date, you must register onsite.
  • Cancellations/refund or transfer requests must be submitted HERE on or before July 1, 2022. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted. No Exceptions. NAHJ members click HERE to request a cancellation.
  • Professional Member/Non-Member/Exhibitor registration cancellations received on or before July 1, 2022, will be eligible for refund, less $125 administration fee ($35.00 for students)
  • Promo codes and discounts must be processed during registration to receive the discounted rate. No adjustments or refunds will be honored for such discounts after registration is completed.
  • Only registered attendees with a badge may attend convention events/activities. Registration credentials cannot be shared with others.
  • Lost badge fee is $150.
  • Some meal events will be ticketed. Tickets are not guaranteed unless selected and paid for on the registration form. When there is a meal event that is free not requiring a ticket such as a specific breakfast, seats are limited and entry will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Underage drinking is not permitted at NABJ/NAHJ events. In addition, all convention attendees are subject to the rules of the NABJ Code of Conduct and NAHJ Code of Conduct/NAHJ Código de Conducta.
  • No personal checks accepted for onsite registration.
  • Return check fee is $50 in addition to registration fees for checks submitted prior to onsite registration.
  • Refunds will be processed approximately four to six weeks after the convention.
  • The National Office is working remotely from a virtual office. All inquiries should be emailed to registration@nabj.org. NAHJ members should email membership@nahj.org.


As media-centric organizations, all NABJ/NAHJ events are subject to being photographed, video/audio-recorded, screen captured or live-streamed. Attendees, exhibitors, special guests, presenters, and partners of events may be captured via these formats. Full sessions and activities are subject to live-streaming and all such content is the sole property of NABJ/NAHJ to be used in any way NABJ/NAHJ determines to be appropriate.
In order to provide listed services and event access, NABJ/NAHJ may export your basic registration information to a secure convention vendor or partner (this includes name and email address but not financial or private information).

WELCOME to STEP 1 of the registration process for the #NABJNAHJ22 Convention & Career Fair! We look forward to welcoming you to Las Vegas, August 3-7, 2022! To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, as we gather at Caesars Palace, please adhere to the registration process as outlined below. There are TWO STEPS to this year’s process. 

NOTICE: You will not be allowed to register if you do not complete the vaccination verification process below.

You are required to UPLOAD your valid vaccination/booster card and information below to gain access to the official registration/payment portal and attend the convention and career fair. This secure verification process is managed by Event Farm + CLEAR©. Note: Access to this process is not found in search engines, please only  use our private link below.

AFTER submitting your attendee information here, a reminder email about uploading your vaccine info to CLEAR from your mobile device will hit your inbox. (Check spam from “2022 NABJ-NAHJ Convention.”)
That email will be followed by a registration completion link (from “NABJ-NAHJ Registration”) that will be sent to the email you registered within 24-48 hours of completing the CLEAR app download and verification process.

IMPORTANT: If you already have the CLEAR app you will be given an event code to add into the CLEAR HEALTH PASS portion of the app that will complete your verification process.
ALERT: The CLEAR HEALTH PASS is a free service to attendees. You do not need to access the Airport Travel function of CLEAR, which is a paid service. If you receive any alerts about cost, back out and go back to the main screen of the app and ensure you are in the free CLEAR HEALTH PASS SECTION. Again, you do not need to set up a travel account with CLEAR to use the HEALTH PASS or connect your HEALTH PASS for convention to a paid travel account.

NOTICE: Remember, you will not be able to get access to the registration payment portal without receiving a confirmation email once you have verified vaccination. 

Both steps must be completed for a valid registration. Failure to complete both steps will result in no admittance to the convention. Please ensure that the name and information you submit below match the information you submit during STEP 2.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to access the registration payment portal without a confirmed upload of your vaccination/booster card and relevant information. If you access the registration portal and submit payment without this confirmation, you will be ineligible for a refund. 

Please see our refund policy above, which also contains all COVID, payment and attendance policies. Please keep your vaccination/booster card with you at all times during the convention or accessible via your mobile device, as you may need to present your card when you check-in at the registration desk on-site or when necessary. The CLEAR App stores a scannable version of your vaccination information.
ACCESSING AND REFRESHING YOUR HEALTH PASS: Once you upload your vaccination information and your HEALTH PASS is approved and connected to our event, it will turn green and display your photo. If you see an expiration date, do not panic. Your verification is active for several weeks during our registration process. However, when we get ready to head to Vegas, you will need to REFRESH your verification to generate a current HEALTH PASS, so that it is active for any re-checks and scans while on site in Vegas, especially when picking up your badge. 

To Access Health Pass:
  1. Open CLEAR App
  2. Look for and click event
  3. Open my Health Pass
To REFRESH an expired CLEAR Health Pass:
  1. Open the CLEAR App
  2. Click the Event
  3. Click Know Before You Go
  4. Click Open Health Pass

Click HERE to watch the CLEAR HEALTH PASS instructional video.

  • STEP 1: Using a mobile device, upload vaccination/booster information on the CLEAR app using the web page linked below.
  • STEP 2: After your upload is verified, and you connect your vaccination to our convention via CLEAR HEALTH PASS, you will receive an email link to complete your convention and career fair registration (including payment).
UNDERSTAND AND AGREE: Click the submission link below if you understand and agree to submit verifiable proof of your vaccination/booster card and to abide by the conditions above. Vaccine verification will need to be completed using a mobile device. If you begin the process from a computer browser, complete the initial steps, then use the confirmation email from your phone to complete the verification.

Please allow time for each section to save and guide you to the next area. A blue square icon spinning indicates information is saving.


© 2022

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